Our Philosophy

We at Little Einstein’s Academy work on the philosophy of ‘Every Child is a Genius’.

We believe that all children have a right to the best start in life in order to thrive and develop to their full potential. It is important to honour their sense of wonder, encourage their curiosity, and support their interests and views about the world.

We acknowledge and value the uniqueness of every child and will embrace children’s and families’ cultural background to ensure that each child gains a sense of security, identity and belonging within our environments.

The children’s knowledge, strengths, ideas, culture, abilities and interest are the foundation of the program. We believe children are capable and confident learners as they are encouraged to take charge of their own learning through an environment that gives them the opportunity to explore, experiment, inquire, and acquire knowledge about the world around them. This open-ended environment provides the space for engaging experiences that challenge and motive the children to learn and discover. Our learning environments reflect a holistic approach to learning which creates opportunities that invite spontaneous play, active exploration and promotes learning and development of every child which is supported and extended by our educators.

We aim to deliver quality education and care practice and programs that lay the foundation for lifelong learning and maximizes the children’s ability. Our educational programs, practices and experiences are guided by the Early Year Learning Framework (EYLF) which recognizes children as capable, competent, curious and active learners who learn best through warm and supportive relationships. We see families as partners in the children’s learning process and their input in all facets of the program is encouraged, supported and valued.

“Educators’ practices and the relationships they form with children and families have a significant effect on children’s involvement and success in learning. Children thrive when families and educators’ work together in partnership to support young children’s learning.”

(Early Years Learning Framework, 2009)

We believe that the strength of our program lies in the dedication and commitment of our educators. We aim to maintain an environment in which educators feel valued, respected as professionals, and in turn respect, support and value other educators, children and families in our environment. Our Educators have a responsibility to ensure that they continually reflect on their current practices and professional roles to ensure goals and day to day work is within the philosophy and current educational practices.

We believe that community engagement is important as it has an immense impact on children’s wellbeing and learning. Through active participation within the community we can act as social advocates for children, helping the broader community understand the importance of early childhood.